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Photos from our very successful reunions in San Diego, CA ., Branson, MO., Newport, RI., New Orleans, LA., and Sandiego, CA

Reunion Information
Get the latest information about upcoming and past reunions.

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Lots of RKT goods.

Support Our Troops

Anysoldier.com is an organization dedicated to providing needed items to our troops in Afghanistan. They need our support.

Turner History
All about the ship's history from shipyard to target. Biography of the ship's namesake, Admiral Richmond Kelly Turner.

I am an American Sailor.
Here's a YouTube video of former Gunners Mate First Class Ernest Borgnine and the US Navy Band presenting "The American Sailor" - a wonderful interpretation of what it means to be a sailor.

Commanding Officer's List
Listing of all the Commanding Officers for the Richmond K. Turner.
(1965- 1995)

Anchors Aweigh
Memorial for shipmates who are no longer with us.

Navy Wire Story
An article about the sinking of the USS Richmond K. Turner.

Admiral Simon Interview
Rear Admiral Roger Simon was the Executive Officer of the USS Little Rock CLG-4 before he became CO of Richnmond K. Turner. This is an interesting interview of his life and Navy career, conducted by a member of the USS Little Rock Association.

A Sailor
This is an ode to all sailors that we thought you might enjoy. It was donated by Ron Frame, a Turner shipmate.

The USS Richmond K. Turner Association was formed to promote friendship and comradship between all those who served on board over the life span of the ship.

Pictures of collectibles and photos sent in by your shipmates.

Favorite Links
A list of sites we like. Related information or sites which provide a reciprocal link.

Ribbons and medals awarded the U.S.S. Richmond K. Turner.

Pearl Harbor Photos
Vivid photos of the December 7th., 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor.